Turn space
Into value


Tonon means quality.

TOP Shelving system is the last shelving you’ll ever buy.
– Up to 250 kg (550 lb) per shelf
– Ideal for Cold and Freezer Rooms
– Approved and suitable for direct food contact

Why Tonon Shelving?

Rust free

Tonon's TOP Series Shelving System are stainless by default.
The high quality thermoplastic is non-toxic, aluminum is 20 micron anodized and all nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel.

Big weights

Tonon's TOP Series Shelving System can reach
a load capacity of up to 550 lb (250 kg)
on each shelf.
Max load on the frame is 2200 lb (1000 kg)

Safety first

No corner posts
No sharp edges
No visible screws
Load capacity written on each shelf

Easy to Assemble

Tonon's TOP Series Shelving System can be installed in minutes.
The modularity allows versatility and adjustments even during the installation

Easy to clean

A 10” (26 cm) clearance below all bottom shelves makes the entire floor accessible for cleaning. All slats can be quickly removed and put in the dishwasher.

eco friendly

Our products and packaging are processed so that they can be recycled.
Tonon is 99.9% recyclable from packaging to product.


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