We know how to carry your values

Tonon means quality.

With over 70 years of experience WE KNOW how to transport your meat without the pain of carrying it around.

Why Tonon Meat Rails?

Rust free

Tonon’s aluminum meat rail is stainless by default.
The high quality thermoplastic is non-toxic, aluminum is 20 micron anodized and all nuts and bolts are made of stainless steel.

high load capacityBig weights

Tonon’s aluminum meat rail can handle and store big animal carcasses in a cold room without any effort for the operator.

Safety first

Tonon’s aluminum meat rail can reach a load capacity of up to 505 lbs/ft. (700 kg/m).
Operators can work safely throughout the complete line

Easy to Assemble

Tonon’s aluminum meat rail is just a “simple” system.
The modularity allows versatility and adjustments even during the installation

Tailor Made on your needs

This innovative transport system is suitable for small butcher shops as well as big supermarkets or wholesale food warehouses.
Tonon’s aluminum meat rail allows additions, replacements and adjustments even after many years.

Eye catching

Every detail has been designed to give continuity to the whole structure. The black / silver give an elegant and sophisticated touch.


Tonon's Aluminum Meat Rails - Framework


Tonon Working Table